In this blog, we’ll explore 10 Best Patio Restaurants in Huntsville in 2023, each offering a unique atmosphere and culinary experience.

When the weather is pleasant and the sun is shining, there’s no better way to enjoy a meal than on a charming patio. Huntsville, Alabama, offers a variety of patio restaurants that allow diners to savor delicious cuisine while basking in the great outdoors.

Here is a List of 10 Best Patio Restaurants in Huntsville in 2023

The Lumberyard

The Lumberyard, located in downtown Huntsville, boasts a spacious patio area with a laid-back and rustic ambiance.

Diners can enjoy Southern-inspired dishes like fried chicken and shrimp and grits while sipping on craft cocktails. Live music performances on the patio add to the lively atmosphere.

Purveyor Huntsville

Purveyor Huntsville features a beautifully landscaped outdoor patio that’s perfect for al fresco dining. This restaurant specializes in locally sourced, farm-to-table cuisine.

The patio is adorned with string lights and provides a cozy setting for enjoying dishes like grilled trout or dry-aged steaks.

Stovehouse Food & Leisure Park

Stovehouse Food & Leisure Park is a vibrant destination with multiple restaurants, each offering outdoor seating on their patios.

You can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines, from Mexican to pizza, all while taking in the lively atmosphere of this community hub.

1892 East Restaurant & Tavern

1892 East Restaurant & Tavern, located in a historic building in downtown Huntsville, offers a cozy patio setting for dining.

The menu features Southern-inspired dishes made with a modern twist, such as shrimp and grits and braised short ribs. The patio is ideal for a relaxed meal with friends or family.

Toybox Bistro

Toybox Bistro is a unique dining spot with a patio adorned with vintage toys and collectibles. Diners can enjoy pop culture-inspired dishes like the Transformer Burger and the Tardis Tacos while taking in the whimsical surroundings. It’s a fun and casual spot for outdoor dining.

Below the Radar Brewery

Below the Radar Brewery is not only a craft brewery but also a restaurant with a patio that overlooks historic downtown Huntsville.

Guests can savor craft beers and pub fare while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. Their burgers and inventive appetizers are local favorites.

The Camp

The Camp, located in the heart of Huntsville, offers an outdoor patio with a relaxed setting. This pet-friendly restaurant serves Southern comfort food, including dishes like fried chicken and shrimp po’ boys. The patio is an ideal spot for dining with friends and family.

Commerce Kitchen

Commerce Kitchen is a gastropub in downtown Huntsville with a patio that offers a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Diners can indulge in gourmet comfort food like fried chicken and house-made charcuterie boards. The outdoor seating is perfect for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

Church Street Wine Shoppe

Church Street Wine Shoppe is a charming wine shop and restaurant with a quaint patio area. Guests can enjoy a selection of wines paired with small plates like artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. The intimate outdoor space is ideal for a romantic evening.

Keegan’s Public House

Keegan’s Public House is an Irish pub in Huntsville with an outdoor patio that’s perfect for enjoying a pint of beer and traditional Irish dishes.

The patio’s cozy ambiance and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons.


Best Patio Restaurants in Huntsville, offers a delightful array of patio restaurants, each providing a unique outdoor dining experience. Whether you prefer Southern comfort food, farm-to-table cuisine, or international flavors, these establishments offer a variety of culinary options to please your palate.

With beautiful outdoor settings, cozy atmospheres, and delicious menus, these patio restaurants provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a meal in the fresh air.

The next time you’re in Huntsville and the weather is fine, be sure to explore these patio restaurants. Enjoy a leisurely brunch, a romantic dinner, or a lively gathering with friends and family. Al fresco dining in Huntsville allows you to savor both the flavors of the city and the joys of outdoor living.

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