Huntsville, Alabama, might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about diverse and authentic Asian cuisine.

However, this vibrant city has quietly been evolving into a hub of international flavors, with a range of exceptional Asian Restaurants in Huntsville that are delighting locals and visitors alike. From classic sushi to fiery Szechuan dishes, let’s explore 10 best Asian restaurants in Huntsville in 2023.

Here is a List of 10 Best Asian Restaurants in Huntsville, Alabama in 2023

1. Sakura Sushi & Ramen Bar – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Sakura is a haven for sushi enthusiasts and ramen lovers alike. With a menu that features an extensive sushi selection alongside hearty ramen bowls, this restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking a fusion of Japanese flavors.

2. Spice of Sichuan – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

For those craving the bold and spicy flavors of Sichuan cuisine, Spice of Sichuan is the go-to spot. From the signature mapo tofu to the numbing sensation of mala dishes, this restaurant captures the essence of Sichuan in every bite.

3. Thai Orchid – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Transport yourself to the streets of Thailand at Thai Orchid, where authentic curries, pad Thai, and flavorful stir-fries take center stage. The restaurant’s charming ambiance complements the rich and diverse Thai menu.

4. Kimchi House – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Kimchi House brings the authentic taste of Korea to Huntsville. From sizzling barbecue to bubbling stews, the restaurant’s commitment to traditional Korean flavors shines through in every dish.

5. Indochine Fusion Bistro – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Indochine Fusion Bistro offers a unique blend of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese flavors. With a creative menu that fuses various Asian cuisines, diners can enjoy dishes that are both familiar and innovative.

6. Bamboo Garden – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Bamboo Garden specializes in Chinese cuisine that ranges from classic favorites to lesser-known regional dishes. The restaurant’s extensive menu and inviting atmosphere make it a popular spot for families and friends to gather.

7. Tokyo Teppanyaki & Sushi – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

At Tokyo Teppanyaki & Sushi, the culinary magic happens right before your eyes as skilled chefs prepare teppanyaki-style dishes with flair. From grilled meats to perfectly seasoned fried rice, the experience is a feast for the senses.

8. Saigon Street Eats – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Saigon Street Eats captures the street food spirit of Vietnam, offering an array of banh mi sandwiches, pho, and fresh spring rolls. The restaurant’s vibrant decor adds to the overall experience of indulging in authentic Vietnamese fare.

9. Bento Bistro – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Bento Bistro is a haven for lovers of Japanese bento boxes. With a focus on fresh ingredients and balanced meals, this restaurant provides a modern take on traditional Japanese lunch boxes.

10. Curry Corner – Asian Restaurants in Huntsville

Curry Corner brings the aromatic spices of India to Huntsville. From creamy tikka masalas to flavorful biryanis, this restaurant offers a diverse menu that showcases the richness of Indian cuisine.


In the heart of Huntsville, a culinary revolution is taking place, with Asian restaurants leading the way in offering a taste of the world’s largest continent.

From the elegant ambiance of sushi and teppanyaki establishments to the vibrant, bustling atmospheres of Thai and Korean eateries, these restaurants are a testament to the city’s growing diversity and commitment to culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Asian cuisine or a curious foodie looking to explore new flavors, Best Asian Restaurants in Huntsville, Alabama in 2023 have something extraordinary to offer.

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